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Wednesdays, January 16th @7:00 PM - Restorative Justice

How should our society respond to wrongdoing?  Our Justice System seems to be broken.  How can we better foster understanding and promote peace?  How can we better nurture healing and mend brokenness?  What would it look like if families and communities could support those who have done harm to take responsibility and be directly accountable to the self-identified needs of the folks they have harmed?  We will explore how we can apply Micah’s exhortation to act justly, love kindness and walk humbly with God.  RSVP here.


Sunday, January 13 @7:00 PM - "I am Jane Doe”

This intense documentary follows real cases of American girls enslaved in the child sex trade through ads in a newspaper’s online classified section.  If you’ve ever been a teenage girl, know any teenage girls, or have a daughter who will become a teenage girl (so, basically everyone), this wrenching film is going to leave you fighting mad.  The subject at hand is the sexual exploitation of children, specifically thousands of underage girls, often runaways, who have been tricked or manipulated into becoming prostitutes.  RSVP here.


Sunday, January 20 @noon - On the Courthouse Lawn: Confronting the Legacy of Lynching

If we want a more hopeful future, less burdened by bigotry and discrimination, it is important to confront not only our nation’s history but also the silence that followed in its wake. It is time to change the narrative and acknowledge the brutality and cruelty of the past, so we can move forward to become a healthier society.  Slavery did not end at the end of the Civil War, it evolved through a series of dehumanizing narratives including, Convict Leasing, to Jim Crow, to Terror Lynchings, to Racially Biased Criminal Justice, to Mass Incarceration.  If we want to end this cycle of bigotry and discrimination, we need to enter into a process of truth telling and reconciliation.

Sarallyn Keller will recount her visit to the Legacy Museum and National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama.  A light lunch will be served.  RSVP here.


Sunday mornings at 9 AM on January 20th and 27th and February 3rd and 10th - 

New Bible Study: “The Challenge of Paul” with Jonathan Guest

On many Roman inscriptions from first century ruins in Turkey were carved the titles “Son of God, Divine, Lord, Savior of the World.”  Those inscriptions were talking about Caesar.  Titles that we associate with Jesus were already in play in the culture before he appeared on the scene. This challenge to the empire is where Crossan begins his study of Paul.  Sign up in the vestry during coffeehour.  RSVP here.


Friday, January 25 @6:30 PM - Family Movie Night: "Ratatouille"

The family film Ratatouille touches on themes of striving for goals, friendship, cultural diversity and coping with hardships. Enjoy this family friendly film on our giant screen along with popcorn and other treats!


January 27 in the vestry following worship - Annual Meeting Celebration

Gather in the vestry to celebrate another year in the life of First Church as we remember 2018 and look ahead to the challenges and opportunities that await us in 201

We hope you will be there to be a part of the festivities. Our amazing youth groups will cater a scrumptious winter luncheon designed to chase the chills away.  

 The suggested donation is $7/plate with a $25 family maximum.  Proceeds benefit the Youth Pilgrimage Fund.  To make your reservation, sign up in the vestry during coffeehour today or contact the church office (admin@firstchdurchnatick.org or 508-653-0971).  RSVP here.


January 30, 2019 @ 7:00 PM - Pub Theology at the Morse Tavern

Join us for the January edition of Pub Theology when we will explore our personal biographies through the lens of Race.  If you were writing your biography, what race would the majority of the characters be during the different phases of your life?  What was/is the racial composition of your street, neighborhood, town?  How has race shaped your story?  These and other questions will provide an evening of interesting dialogue.

Join us for some snacks and a cold beverage.  The cost is $10 to cover your libations and munchies.  Please sign-up in the vestry or contact the church office to reserve your seat (508-653-0971) or admin@firstchurchnatick.org.  RSVP here.